The Ultimate Guide to Painting a House on the Market

How To Decorate Your Property So It Sells

When you find yourself wanting to encourage others to fall in love with your home so deeply that they want to buy it, there’s one important fact that needs to be taken into account.

Your tastes are not necessarily their tastes.

house-435618_640This truth has led conventional wisdom to suggest that when it comes to painting a house to facilitate a sale you’d be advised to opt for either beige or magnolia or, if you’re feeling slightly adventurous, both, and with good reason.

These unassuming brownish yellow hues enable potential buyers to mentally imprint their own personality into your home. Walls painted specifically to match your unique furniture, for example, most probably won’t match the furniture of any new owners.

The problems are that they can also be regarded as being living-room-519682_640boring and lifeless, a new owner is likely to paint over them anyway, and you’ve still got to live in your property while it’s on the market. What’s more, the majority of houses that prospective buyers will have visited will have been similarly painted, so why not be a little bit more adventurous with your colour schemes and stand out? Beige and magnolia are only popular solutions because they’re neutral colours but they’re not the only ones available, and while many regard ‘neutral’ as meaning lacking colour, that really isn’t the case.

Lighter shades of orange or yellow can be regarded as being neutral too, and can do wonders for a kitchen area, especially if the area can be bathed innatural light flowing through a clear window. Not only do these colours add uplifting warmth to any room, they are also known to stimulate the appetite.

Dark blue can be far too intense and moody for many people and should always be used room-540833_640sparingly, but lighter hues can create a wonderfully open and contemplative, meditative spaces that remind of clear skies, while soft and delicate green can bring cheer and freshness to a bedroom. Instead of ‘neutral’ think ‘subtle’ colour and you’ll find that a world of possibilities opens up and that rooms that would otherwise be rendered as bland spaces become all together more human and inviting.

But what if you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to go to the expense of a full repaint? Then you should just focus on making sure certain details are perfect.door-690704_640

Anyone viewing your home with be guaranteed to have to pass through doorways andthe chances are that they’ll use door handles to do so. Make sure that your doors aren’t in desperate need of a repaint, especially your front door, and that their handles work smoothly, and you’ll already have made a great impression.

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