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Main and easy to fix plumbing problems in North London

Very common plumbing problem in the house can be clogged trap.  No matter if the blockage is in kitchen sink trap, basin, shower or under the bath. Human’s hair, soap, food in the kitchen sink and all other debris can create blockage. Water can’t go away easly. 

How to uncloge the trap? It’s quiet easy to do. If you think you can do a bit of DIY you don’t need a plumber. 

Position a bucket under the trap is blocked. If you working under the bath you will need something not too tall. It can be a bowl for example. Using pliers or hands only, turn and remove two coupling nuts. They simply attach the trap to the sink and the adjacent wall fitting. 

If you will see that the rubber washers are cracked or fall apart, measure the diameter of the pipe and buy new washer in the plumbing shop. You can also take old trap and buy new one if needed. Clean the trap inside with good quality detergent. You can use any tool or cloth. 

Simply put new or old washers on, tight the coupling nuts and the job is done. 

However if you will found it too difficult you can call Rob’s Decorators & Plumbers on 07809364582. We are always happy to help with all plumbing and heating issues in North London. Just give is a call. 

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