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Noisy pipes in the house.

You can hear the noise from your pipework? Not sure what generate it? Is it dangerous? 

Here is few good points and answers. 

Noise from the pipes can be from Ball valves for example. Sometimes if they are broken can be noisy. 
If the plumber who did the installation didn’t clipped the pipes to the joists propely the noise can be from this too. Pipes when becomes hot expanding and touching another pipes or diferent materials as wood, plaster, cement and so on. This can create the funny noises. 

Air in the installation is another example. If there is no automatic airvents fitted on the highest point of installation air can’t get out of the pipework. This couse banging sound. This is not very good for the heating pumps. 

To high presurre from main. If the water presurre is too high very often this cause hammering sound. In this case water pressure regulator is needed. 

The last one can be installed by one of our qualified plumber in North London. 

Please give us a call on 07809364582. We will be happy to help with noisy pipes, boiler problems, installation and many more. 

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