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Frequently asked questions about our painting and decorating services

How do I get an estimate?

That’s easy – simply visit our contact page and get in touch. We’ll come and visit you and provide a proper, written estimate and timing plan.

Do your quotes include materials?

Usually not, but we’ll give you a rough estimate in advance of what materials will likely cost, and of course provide receipts for any materials we buy.

Are there any hidden extras?

Absolutely not – unless you change the scope of what we’re doing, what we quote is what you pay.

Is there a guarantee?

Of course! All work is fully guaranteed for a year. 

How long will the work take?

We would need to see what’s required first – even a room will vary depending on its size and the amount of preparation or finish needed. But once we’ve seen it we can give you a time plan along with the cost estimate.  

Is there anything I need to do before painting or decorating starts?

It helps if you can clear the room of furniture and other items as much as possible, as this makes it easier and quicker to work on. Sometimes, however, this isn’t practical – for example, we’re used to working around office IT systems and other fittings. 

Do we need to remove the carpets?

No, we bring plenty of dustsheets, polythene sheeting and tape with us to ensure your carpets and other items are always protected.

What about cleaning up afterwards?

We always tidy up after ourselves at the end of every day, and then clean thoroughly once the project is finished.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have full public liability insurance plus damage insurance.

Once the painting or decoration is complete, how long is it before a room is useable?

Paint can feel dry after about 24 hours, and you can then replace the furniture. However, it can take up to two weeks to fully set, so be careful to start with.

What is stucco and is it worth it?

Stucco is a decorative coating that was traditionally used on both interiors and exteriors, although it’s generally used on modern exteriors. Although its textured surface makes painting difficult, once done it will last for many years and can add value to your home.

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