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Hunt Close, Kensington W11 – Interior flat redecoration

kitchen redecoration ready painted kitchen entrance hallway painting new grouting painted bathroom ceiling


It was Easy job for Rob’s Decorators team to do flat redecoration in Kensington, West London


Our client moved out to new house with intention to rent out his previous property. As always we started from floor and kitchen units protection.Generaly  walls where in good condition with no cracks but quiet dirty. We found few peeling paint places where temple jointing was done in the past. Bathroom was the only room wich needed big refresh. Tired ceiling, peeling paint because of the moisture, dirty grout and damaged bath panel required some attention. We have also replace few broken wall tiles. During the work customer asked us to do new ceiling box with inspection hatches for boiler flue pipes. That’s because of the new rules for rented property. Naturally we did it. After our redecoration, flat started to be more attractive for potential new tenants. Happy customer already booked us to decorate his new house, just after he will sort out roof problems. There is no point to do house redecoration if there are some even small issues with leaking roof. See you soon in your new house JJ!

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